Eddie Williams

Eddie Williams is a part-time strongman, youth support worker for children with autism, singer, musician and actor. The 28 year old will represent Australia during his first appearance in this year’s 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. He hopes to make it to the WSM Final during his debut.

Eddie is excited and honored to showcase his feats of strength at this year’s 2019 Tachi Palace WSM. He looks forward to are the first two events because they are both “moving events.” For Eddie, he is not afraid to show his true character. He is a nice guy who believes being nice is a strength.

“I love this sport. I want to inspire new Strongmen to take up this sport…and get more numbers.”

Eddie has a demanding job working with kids on the spectrum in a classroom. His job keeps him grounded and you need to be mentally strong to preserve. Lifting weights and being with his family is his way of dealing with stress.

“Lifting weights is also how I deal with depression & the stresses of everyday life.”

What made you want to become a strongman?
EW: “I was a big guy and it was a fun way to exercise and use my weight to my advantage. I couldn’t get abs, but I could deadlift a car!”

What are you looking forward to the most in this year’s WSM competition?
EW: “Rubbing shoulders with the world’s greatest athletes and being able to lift with and compete alongside some of my heroes!”

What are your plans after your strongman career?
EW: “Keep working hard for my family, staying fit. And maybe something in the entertainment business as I sing and act.”

Given your size, what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?
EW: “I don’t fit in standard airplane seats so quite often airlines give me free upgrades to business class.”

What is your favorite other sporting event (not strongman) to watch as a spectator?
EW: “Rugby”