JF Caron

JF Caron, Canada, is making his 8th appearance at the 2018 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. Professional Strongman, JF Caron,  owns a gym in Quebec City called “Santé X-Trem Gym,” meaning “extreme health.” Prior to his Strongman career, JF was a Quebec Champion in Alpine Skiing.

JF’s loves the Deadlift (for reps), and he is excellent at it. Training for WSM includes powerlifting and other Strongman events. It takes him 5 weeks to prepare and rest.

One of JF’s happiest moments as a Strongman was during the 463kg Deadlift at the 2018 ARNOLD STRONGMAN CLASSIC – the 7th man in history to do 1000+ lbs. His advice to someone who wants to become a Strongman? “You must like the pain.”