JF Caron

Jean-François Caron is a Strongman and powerlifter from Canada.

In 2011, making his second World’s Stongest Man appearance, Caron was able to earn his place following his first victory in Canada’s Strongest Man, after being the runner-up in both 2008 and 2010. Another man who has combined powerlifting with strongman, the Canadian can boast a competitive total of over 1050kgs.

With more experience since his World’s Stongest Man debut in 2008, Jean-Francois will look to push his compatriot Louis-Philippe Jean hard as the top Canadian in Wingate. Caron has appeared in the competition’s final twice firstly in 2012 where he came 8th and 2014 where he placed 11th.

When not trainging for the competition Caron (pronounced Ka-rown) owns a gym in the city of Quebec, Canada.