JF Caron

JF Caron, pro-strongman and gym owner, reigns from Quebec, Canada. At 36 years old, JF stands 6’3” and weighs 345lbs. From 2016 – 2018, JF took home 5th place. He will be appearing in his 9th World’s Strongest Man competition this year in hopes of breaking his 5th place streak.

JF told us that he is good at strategizing. Her learned a lot from Savickas and Shaw on when it’s best to conserve energy while competing. His happiest Strongman moment was when he qualified for the WSM Final for the first time in 2012. To balance work life and training, JF makes a schedule. It’s important to him as he balance 4 jobs: Pro SM; Gym Owner; Sales Rep; SM Circuit.

JF is passionate about sports. He loves the Toronto Blue Jays, which is Canada’s only current Major League Baseball team. JF has played hockey up until the age of 18, and was a competitive Alpine Skier until the age of 16 –  awarded Junior Provincial Champion.

Despite his intimidating exterior, JF is a very friendly guy. Although when it comes time to compete, he describes himself as a “machine”. JF loves the deadlift because of his “body type, it comes natural to me.” Don’t believe him? Check out some of his most successful deadlift moments below:

  • World’s Strongest Man Qualifiers
    • Finished Top 2 in all 7 years he competed in deadlift
    • 4 event wins, including tie for 1st in 2017 & 2018
  • Giants Live World Deadlift Championships
    • Tied 1st w/ K. Janashia
  • Arnold Strongman Classic (2018)
    • Became 7th man in history to deadlift 1,000+ lbs