Luke Stoltman

Stoltman was a bodybuilder before he started strongman training, only picking it up after entering a local competition for fun. You can still see traces of his bodybuilding days now as Stoltman is remarkably lean for a strongman, lacking the barrel chested physique most strongmen have.

He’s won Scotland’s Strongest Man for the last four years running and was actually a reserve in the 2015 WSM but never got the opportunity to compete. Now he’s got the chance to perform in the 2016 competition, Stoltman is setting his sights at the top. He sees the biggest threats to him as Björnsson, Hall and Shaw; the top three strongest men on the planet.

His nickname, “The Highland Oak” is a Scottish twist on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous bodybuilding nickname, the “Austrian Oak”.
He says getting to this point hasn’t been easy, recounting one situation where he was turned away from a ride at Disney Land because he was too big.