Luke Stoltman

Luke Stoltman, pro-strongman and dimensional surveyor, will represent Great Britain at the 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. The 34 year old stands 6’3”, weighing in at 342lbs. This will be Stoltman’s fourth WSM appearance. He hopes to break his 3rd in group streak (2016-2018), and place in this year’s final.

“I’m addicted to that adrenaline, to that atmosphere. When you do a
good lift or  win an event, that’s my happy place. That’s what I feel I have been put here to do. I’m very passionate about being a Stoltman. I want to create that legacy in Scotland, that when people remember that name or say that name, they think of strength & strongman. Scotland as nation, we’ve come from the warriors, and that’s what I envision
myself to be – a modern day warrior if you will. I’m here to make the Final, and no one is going to stop me this year”

You are one of the nicest strongmen. Do you ever feel “too nice”? 
LS: “I do not want to be the angry guy in the corner. Although, it does not effect me in competition mode as I can switch it on & off.”

Luke believes that his younger brother Tom has all the capabilities to make it to Final, as he is the “best stone lifter in the world!” One of his happiest moments in his Strongman career was competing alongside his my brother Ton at the 2017 WSM.