Martins Licis

Martins Licis “The Dragon”, United States, is making his 3rdappearance at the 2018 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. Martins earned his nickname due to the fire inside of him. He wanted to become a Strongman to find out what the human body is truly capable of when it comes to strength and power. When Martins isn’t training, he is working as a personal trainer and part gym owner.

“When I first came out to CA, I was eager to get into Strongman & called the number I found for the Strength Classic at the LA Fitness Expo. Odd (Haugen) answered (although I didn’t know it was him), & asked me how strong I was. I told him my stats, & he told me that I wasn’t quite strong enough, & that I should come train with him. When I showed up at his place I was star-struck; ever since I started lifting stones on our family farm in Latvia as a child, I’ve looked up to Odd. Finally, after training with Odd for 4 years, he allowed me to compete in his show (2015). I won.”

At the 2016 WSM, Martins, a brash WSM rookie who quickly became a fan-favorite, took many other athletes by surprise and finished 6th.  In 2017, still brash and still a fan-favorite, but not able to take anyone by surprise, he finished 4th.