Matjaz Belsak

Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia, is making his 4thappearance at the 2018 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. Matjaz started out in Junior Powerlifting before he transitioned into Strongman in 2014. Now, Matjaz is a Professional Strongman and Part-Time Hospitality Manager. On the weekends, he works at his parents’ restaurant, which among many things, serves typical Slovenian food.

Matjaz is all about the adrenaline rush that comes right before competing – the rush of people watching him, knowing how hard he has trained, wanting to win, and thinking about how he can improve. Matjaz’s best placement was in the 2016 WSM Final where he placed 9th.

Matjaz got involved in WSM after he realized that Slovenia didn’t have a Strongman league, so he bought some equipment and advice from former Strongman Gregor Stegnar. “Everything else I need to do myself: training place, equipment, training program.”