Mikhail Shivlyakov

Mikhail Shivlyakov is a pro-strongman and manager of client dept in a private security company. The “Siberian Force” hails from Russia and will be making his 5th appearance in the 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. The 39 year old stands 6’2” and weighs 309lbs. In 2015 he placed 9th in the WSM Final. He’s seeking his 2nd placement in this year’s WSM Final.

In Florida Mikhail told us that it’s very important to him to get back to the WSM Final. Usually he doesn’t have much time to train for WSM, but he feels well rested and ready to compete. He hopes to avoid the Last Man Standing event because he believes it’s important to have the lead… and a day off!

Mikhail wears his signature beret because he used to be a soldier in the Russian Marines. He served 2 years —  Veteran of the Chechen War and Anti-terrorist Operation. His beret holds 2 medals.

Mikhail started his Strongman training at the age of 27. He wanted to become a Strongman because in Siberia, there are many strong people there. He looked up to their strength and wanted to be like them. When he retires, he hopes to open his own Strongman training center.

Fun Fact: His favorite “cheat meal” is Pelmeni (Russian dumplings), and borscht (Easern European beet soup).