Olu Fadesire

Nigerian stand-out, Olu Fadesire, was fascinated by strongman training from a young age. “I grew up watching Strongman back in the day and fell in love with it,” says the 29-year-old. “Competing at WSM is a huge achievement.”

He works as a bodyguard for high net-worth individuals in Nigeria and trains around his job. “I finish at work in the evening and go to gym after. When I’m working at night, I train in the day.”

He’s often known as Olu Strong, a nickname he picked up after he found people outside Nigeria found ‘Fadesire’ hard to properly pronounce.

Fadesire’s goal for this year’s WSM is to beat his personal records and learn from the other athletes. Once his competition days are over Fadesire hopes to open a strongman gym in Nigeria and nurture future champions.