Raffael Gordzielik

Raffael Gordielik, part-time strongman and legal expert at Federal Employment Agency is making his first appearance at the 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. Gordielik gets his nickname “German Godzilla” after his last name was mispronounced. At age 34, Gordielik stands 6’7” and weighs 375lbs.

Raffael has participated in NFL Europe (“Rine” Fire) training camps and liked throwing people to the ground, especially the QB. He believe those camps prepared him for everything, including WSM. For Raffael, it’s an honor for him to compete against these guys. He was to be the first German strongman to reach the WSM Final since Heinz Ollesch in 1997. His goal is to bring back the popularity of WSM to Germany.

Best advice for someone wanting to be a Strongman?
RG: “Work your ass off.”

How do you balance work and Strongman training?
RG: “It is really hard and you always have to focus on one thing or the other. It is not possible to do work and Strongman on a high level simultaneously.”