Rob Kearney

Although 25-year-old Rob Kearney is one of the smaller athletes competing in this year’s World’s Strongest Man this year the Massachusetts native feels he’s the dark-horse of the competition and is looking forward to turning some heads.

Kearny used strongman training to challenge his strength and energy once he realised a career in American Football was out of his reach. “I’ve always loved strength sports and every child dreams of being a professional athlete,” Kearney says.

He prepares for major competitions with high volume and high intensity training, believing that the competition should be easier than the training.

Kearney is also the first openly gay athlete to actively compete World’s Strongest Man. He says he’s received a lot of support from other competitors and fans around the world. “Strongman is really like a big family; it’s one of the only sports where you will be competing against someone and cheering them on at the same time.”