tom stoltman

Tom Stoltman

Tom Stoltman’s journey into strongman competitions began with him watching his older brother – fellow World’s Strongest Man competitor, Luke Stoltman – training in the gym. It inspired the younger Stoltman brother to “lift heavy weights and get big.”

Getting big clearly worked. At 6’6 and 342 lbs, Stoltman man is one of the bigger men in WSM. He says his frame makes the Atlas Stones his perfect event. However, has a tall man he says squatting is hard – and that it feels like he has to lower for miles to hit parallel!

As this is his first appearance 22-year-old Stoltman is soaking up the atmosphere of competition next to his idols. But don’t take that as a suggestion he’s just here to take part. Stoltman plans to leave his mark on the sport and at 22 he has plenty of time to do so.