eddie hall and brian shaw interview

Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw’s World’s Strongest Man Predictions

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We were lucky enough to catch up with two time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw and (newly broken) World Deadlift record holder Eddie Hall ahead of their gruelling 2015 WSM training. Talking predictions, prime and athletic fitness…


Eddie, Brian, can you give us your 2015 World’s Strongest Man top three athlete predictions?

Eddie Hall: Top three for the World’s this year, well it’s going to be between Brian Shaw, Me, Big Z (Žydrūnas Savickas) and Thor (Hafthór Björnsson). There are going to be some guys who will be close but that’s my top three, top four there.

Brian Shaw: You put me on the spot man. I think, the way I feel right now that I’ve got a good shot to win, I mean I really want that third title. I’ve tried really hard for the last couple of year, last year it was very close and it was a heated competition but it was Žydrūnas came out on top. He is going to be right there. We already know that. He has proved it time and time again. Like Ed said, Hafthórat the World’s, he is a tough guy. Ed is going to be tough, and there are a few other guys who could come along and mix it up. So we’ll see.

It’s going to be fun. If it was already pre-determined we wouldn’t have to compete!

Eddie Hall: Looking at it, and I’ve had the pleasure of competing with these guys at The Arnolds, in my honest and humble opinion I’d put Brian on top at the minute. Big Z, looking at him in this contest (The Arnold Classic), I don’t know what was up with him really but there really were a few events where he lacked power, and this is where Brian has shone through.

Big Z might have just plateaued. He is getting to that age now, he is 39. He has improved every year but I think it’s got to the stage now where Brian has overtaken him in a lot of ways.

I can see Brian winning World’s Strongest Man to be honest. Big Z a very close 2nd place, and 3rd well, Thor could be right in the mix. Thor is one of those athletes who comes into his prime. The World’s Strongest Man is an athletic game; it’s not all about brute power. This is about the most explosive, most athletic, who is the quickest, and who is the fittest. This is an all-round event.


Brian, what would make you happy?

Brian Shaw: I started Strongman for fun, and that’s the truth. I got into this for fun. I wanted to go to bigger and bigger contests and push myself to get better and better. That’s what I have done.
The whole aim as I started getting to the World’s, and getting a taste of it, was to win The World’s Strongest Man and obviously I was able to accomplish that which was great. Winning title number two solidified that. You are always going to look to the next one, and the next one, but I think I can honestly say right now I’m still hungry to win, but if I had to walk away I can be satisfied with what I have done. I have won enough pro competitions and it’s something that I have done for enough years now and I have proved myself time and time again and I am happy.

I want title number three at The World’s pretty badly, especially with Bill Kazmaier having three. There are some great guys who have got three. That’s a very, very select group of guys. So coming back to win number three is very important for me.


How old are you now Brian?

Brian Shaw: I’ve just turned 33.


People have different lengths of ‘prime’ don’t they. Big Z has changed the rules of ‘prime.’ How do you feel?

Brian Shaw: Honestly, I feel pretty good. I don’t think I have got to where I am at, my strongest. I try to be pretty honest with myself when I analyse that. I feel I am getting into my prime, where I am at that spot where I can maintain this hopefully for a number of years.

Žydrūnas, he is the guy who has obviously pushed me to get a lot better. He and I have won every World’s Strongest Man title since 2009. He has pushed me to get a lot better and having him around has made me work. With him in the contest makes it more satisfying to win.

I want title number three. I would be lying if I somewhere in my head I didn’t say that I want to push for six to get past Pudzianowski, but I think if you maintain your focus on the next one and have that as the main goal, that’s important.


What are your 2015 World’s Strongest Man predictions? Have your say below.