worl's strongest man classics

Six part World’s Strongest Man archive based series will be premiered on Spike.

As if bringing the UK audience the World’s strongest Man series on Channel 5 wasn’t enough, we are pleased to announce that a brand new 6 part archive based series will be premiered on Spike in the UK.

So once you’ve had your fix of the guys in Malaysia, switch over to Spike to continue the action with the likes of Kazmaier, Sigmarsson, Ver Magnusson and all the other legends from across the eras!

World’s Strongest Man Classics celebrates nearly 40 years of World’s Strongest Man, unearthing archive gems and great stories from this unique event and is packed with muscle busting stars and entertainment from the planet’s greatest strength competition that started in California way back in 1977. Tune in each night on Spike at 8pm between 27th December and January 1st!


The Golden Age: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Sunday 27th December at 8pm

The story of World’s Strongest Man, from its birth in 1977 through its transformative years during the 1980s when it became a firm fixture on TV screens around the globe. Featuring brilliantly entertaining archive from the early years including Tug-of-War tussles to terrifying Truck Pulls, from the sun kissed California skies to the snow filled slopes of Sweden, from Geoff Capes to Jon Pall Sigmarsson, ‘The Golden Age’ reveals the reasons why World’s Strongest Man became one of the most popular TV shows of this era.


Magic Moments: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Monday  28th December at 8pm

Since 1977 over 150 athletes have competed at World’s Strongest Man. Its iconic moments are often attributed to its legends, but there have been some incredible feats of strength from those who have contended for the title as well. Magic Moments pays homage to unsung heroes as it delves deep into the archive vaults to unearth some truly epic tests of strength, most of which have not been broadcast since their initial airing.


Greatest Rivalries: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Tuesday  29th December at 8pm

This programme charts the most memorable battles for World’s Strongest Man supremacy between the sport’s greats. Featuring fascinating archive interviews and character defining action sequences the programme reveals how these athletes pushed each other to new levels. Spanning multiple years the programme focuses on these long running rivalries: Kazmaier v Capes, Capes v Sigmarsson, Sigmarsson v Kazmaier, The Scandanavians, Pudzianowski v Savickas.


Classic Finals: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Wednesday  30th December at 8pm

This programme tells the story of the greatest ever finals in the competition’s history, including cult heroes, amazing action, agony, close finishes and brilliant comebacks.


Toughest Challenges: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Thursday  31st  December at 8pm

Since 1977 the World’s Strongest Man has provided the best strength athletes with iconic and at times quirky tests of brute power. This programme highlights some of the toughest challenges that have defined this competition, producing drama, fun, pain and, sometimes, serious injury.


Legends: World’s Strongest Man
TX on Spike: Friday  1st January at 8pm

World’s Strongest Man has produced many champions, but only a select few can be called legends. Featuring their greatest competition performances, this show illustrates the epic abilities of six true WSM legends from every decade of the competition, each with multiple titles to his name: Geoff Capes, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Magnus ver Magnusson, Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Zydrunas Savickas and Bill Kazmaier.

Production credits
Executive Producer:  Alex Gale
Series Producer:  James Rowat
Producer: Steve Ellis
Production Company:  IMG Productions