The Worlds Strongest Man Classics – Franco Columbu’s tragic fridge race

The year is 1977, the first World Strongest Man competition is in full swing. One of the most gruelling events was just getting underway: The Fridge Carry.

For those not in the know, the event back then involved carrying the substantial weight of a refrigerator on your back for 40 yards while racing an opponent. It’s definitely not something you want to try at home (nor should you attempt to!).

Taking on this event was 24-year-old Italian, Franco Columbu. Weighing in at just 182lbs, at a short but stocky 5’5 (a reported 0.5 shorter than the next athlete) Columbu was up against 35-year-old Bob Young from the USA. However, no one could have guessed what happened next. (more…)