Eddie Hall

Two World’s Strongest Man programmes coming to your screens

In addition to the action-packed TV viewing that is World’s Strongest Man 2016, the makers of WSM have created not one, but two programmes for your viewing!

Firstly showing on Boxing day in the UK Strongmen: Pain & Glory explores the lifestyle of the planet’s most powerful humans, filmed behind the scenes at World’s Strongest Man 2016.

With exclusive access to the stars of the event, including Britain’s Eddie Hall, the 500kg deadlift world record holder, and Icelandic Game of Thrones star “Thor”,

The film’s cameras follow competitors during competition, capturing the colossal eating and the sacrifices, hopes and fears of strength sport’s biggest characters. Featuring both established names and aspiring rookies the film offers candid insight to these super-humans’ lives, exploring what drives them to put their minds and bodies through so much pain.

Behind the scenes the film explores how the event is televised and includes interviews with WSM legends, such as Bill Kazmaier and Magnus Ver Magnusson – these icons from WSM’s golden era explain how the event has evolved since its conception in 1977, and how the lifestyles of the athletes has changed.

The film culminates with 30 competitors from the heats being reduced to 10, capturing the mixed emotions the results bring to the field of elite strong men who have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of becoming the World’s Strongest Man.

Shown: 26th Dec 2016 @ 20.00 on Spike TV (UK)

The second of these two shows is the World’s Strongest Man: The Winners Story which goes behind the scenes of the 2016 World’s Strongest Man event in Botswana. The stars of the event reflect on the winner’s road to victory, these include Hafthor Björnsson, also known as “The Mountain” in the American television drama series, Game of Thrones; Eddie Hall, the 500kg deadlight world record holder, and three time winner Brian Shaw.

Shown: 1st Jan 2017 @ 20.00 on Spike TV (UK)