Tom Stoltman

Tom Stoltman, pro-strongman, will represent Great Britain in the 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. This 25 year old stands 6’8”, weighing in at 342lbs. His nickname, “The Albatross” was given to him when he was doing chest flys and people noticed his massive wingspan – 81 inches, 6’9”. He hopes to make it to the Final during his second WSM appearance.

On the way to WSM, he lost his luggage. He had to go out and get a size 18 (US) was lost on way to WSM; had to go out & get size 18 (US) shoes; incl for Truck Pull

In regard to the Last Man Standing event, Tom was the only athlete we spoke to who did NOT vehemently want to avoid. He said confidently, “If I get to Last Man Standing, I am the best stones lifter, and I will get to the Final.” He does not consider it energy-drains nor taxing. “It’s over in 2 minutes and I have the rest of the day to rest.”

The Stoltman brothers, are back competing together in WSM for the 2nd time, after competing together at 2017 WSM in Botswana, which was Tom’s WSM debut.

In 2017 WSM, the Stoltman brothers became only the 2nd set of brothers to compete in WSM in the same year, and 1st since 2002 when Magnus & Torbjorn Samuelsson (4 yrs, 5 mos younger than Magnus) competed in their 3rd straight. Only 1998 WSM Champion, Magnus, qualified for the WSM Final, in the years Magnus & Torbjorn competed at WSM in the same years.